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Sandstone SpineSeeking the Anasazi on the First Traverse of the Comb Ridge【電子書籍】

<BR> * A cultural pilgrimage as well as an athletic one<BR> * Story blends personal adventure, middle-aged angst, the beauty of a landscape, history of exploration, and mysteries of the rise and fall of an ancient culture<BR> * By a critically acclaimed travel and adventure writer also famous for his exploits in Alaska's mountains<BR> * Includes photos by Greg Child of the landscape, Anasazi and Navajo ruins and rock art <BR> <BR> On September 1, 2004, three middle-aged buddies set out on one o。

Interpreting LandscapesGeologies, Topographies, Identities; Explorations in Landscape Phenomenology 3【電子書籍】[ Christopher Tilley ]

<p>This book takes a new approach to writing about the past. Instead of studying the prehistory of Britain from Mesolithic to Iron Age times in terms of periods or artifact classifications, Tilley examines it through the lens of their geology and landscapes, asserting the fundamental significance of the bones of the land in the process of human occupation over the long dur?e. Granite uplands, rolling chalk downlands, sandstone moorlands, and pebbled hilltops each create their own potentialities。

Landscapes and Landforms of the Czech Republic【電子書籍】

<p>The book aims to present the unique geomorphological landscapes of the Czech Republic. The geomorphic uniqueness of this country benefits from the proximity to two distinct European?geological domains: the old cratonized Bohemian Massif and the relatively young Tertiary fold and thrust belt of the Western Carpathians.</p> <p><em>Landscapes and Landforms of the Czech Republic</em> introduces general physiographical characteristics of the landscape and presents the main driving factors leading。

Hiking Trails of South Africa【電子書籍】[ Willie Olivier ]

<p>Brought fully up to date, with new trails included and all booking information revised, this fourth edition of Hiking Trails of South Africa is the essential guide for every hiker. Written by well-known author Willie Olivier, this comprehensive guide describes more than 500 trails, offering something for everyone ? from the casual ambler to the experienced hiker. Whether you want to explore the beautiful landscape of the Karoo, wander through fynbos in the Western Cape, see the lush indigeno。

Moon New Mexico【電子書籍】[ Zora O'Neill ]

<b>Moon Travel Guides: A New Way to Discover New Mexico</b> <br><br>From sandstone canyons and austere mesas, to snowcapped mountain peaks, discover an otherworldly landscape and unique culture with Moon's guide to the Land of Enchantment. <br><br><b><i>Moon New Mexico</i> features:</b><br><br> <ul><li><b>Curated trip advice</b> for outdoor adventurers, culture mavens, history buffs, foodies, and more</li><li><b>Full-color, vibrant photos</b> <b>and</b> <b>detailed maps</b> throughout</li><li><。

Flood Song【電子書籍】[ Sherwin Bitsui ]

<div><p>"Sherwin Bitsui's new poetry collection, <I>Flood Songー</I>a sprawling, panoramic journey through landscape, time, and culturesーis well worth the ride."ー<I>Poets & Writers</I></p><p><I></I>“Bitsui’s poetry is elegant, probative, and original. His vision connects worlds.”ー<I>New Mexico Magazine</I></p><p>“His images can tilt on the side of surrealism, yet his work can be compellingly accessible.”ー<I>Arizona Daily Star</I></p><p>“<B>Sherwin Bitsui</B> sees violent beauty in the American l。

The Stones of BritainA History of Britain through its Geology【電子書籍】[ Jon Cannon ]

<p><em>The Stones of Britain</em> is about how rocks make places. The connection between geology and landscape, between the stones beneath the surface and the history that has played out above it. About the varied character of the British landscape, and the rich variety of places that result.</p> <p>The shattered granite landscape of Dartmoor is different from the soft red sandstone hills of east Devon; the rolling chalk downs distinct from the gritty moors of Yorkshire. Each of these landscape。

Quarrying in the Yorkshire PenninesAn Illustrated History【電子書籍】[ Dr David Johnson ]

From Roman times, rocks have been worked for a wide range of purposes, initially as building stone. As time passed, more and more stone was needed for high-status buildings like castles, halls and monasteries, as well as for bridges, dry stone walls and road-building. The Yorkshire Pennines have a varied geology with many rock types that proved suitable for building and other uses, and the landscape is dotted with old quarry workings, large and small, some of which can be linked to the medieval。

Sticks and Stones【電子書籍】[ Lew French ]

<DIV>Lew French is a master stonemason who finds and gathers hundreds of individual stones to create a single fireplace or an outdoor stone wall that looks like it had been there for hundreds of years. Rather than use a chisel, his stones have to fit together naturally; he remembers and fits them together in his mind’s eye. From a huge outdoor water feature at an office building near Boston, to a residential landscape on Chappaquiddick, to his own retreat home in the mountains of Brazil, each c。

Advanced Terrain Modelling【電子書籍】[ Richard Windrow ]

<p>The secrets of terrain modelling are revealed by Richard Windrow, one of the world's leading modellers. Everything from castles to the destruction wrought upon modern cities by war is covered in this accessible book. Explore the difficulties of creating a desert landscape, from the sandstone of Arizona to the wastelands of North Africa. Discover the handiwork needed to create the barbed wire death traps of No-Man's Land and the wilderness of Russia in winter. The variety of seasons, environm。

The Maze【電子書籍】[ Will Hobbs ]

<p>Just fourteen, Rick Walder is alone, on the run, and desperate. Stowing away in the back of a truck, he suddenly finds himself at a dead end, out in the middle of nowhere. The Maze. In this surreal landscape of stark redrock spires and deep sandstone canyons, Rick stumbles into the remote camp of Lon Perigrino, a bird biologist who is realeasing fledgling California condors back into the wild. Intriqued by the endangered condors and the strange bearded man dedicated to saving them, Rick deci。

White Shell Woman【電子書籍】[ James D Doss ]

<p>The two sandstone monoliths towering over the southern Colorado landscape are wrapped in ancient mystery. To the local tribes, they are the Twin War Gods, sons of the moon goddess, White Shell Woman. Legends tell of strange happenings in their shadows, of lost treasure and Anasazi blood sacrifice. But it is a much more recent history that troubles former Ute policeman-turned-rancher Charlie Moon, specifically the fresh corpse of a young Native American woman unearthed at an archaeological di。

Mesa of Sorrows: A History of the Awatovi Massacre【電子書籍】[ James F. Brooks ]

<p>A scrupulously researched investigation of the mysterious massacre of Hopi Indians at Awat'ovi, and the event's echo through American history.</p> <p>The Hopi community of Awat’ovi existed peacefully on Arizona’s Antelope Mesa for generations until one bleak morning in the fall of 1700ーraiders from nearby Hopi villages descended on Awat’ovi, slaughtering their neighboring men, women, and children. While little of the pueblo itself remains, five centuries of history lie beneath the low rises 。

Killarney to Valentia Island ? The Iveragh Peninsula: A Walking Guide【電子書籍】[ Adrian Hendroff ]

<p>The Iveragh Peninsula, the largest in southwest Ireland, stretches from Killarney to Bolus Head and attracts thousands of visitors annually. The Ring of Kerry coastal road winds along its fringes and sandstone peaks soar high above. It is a landscape of raw and stunning beauty from the lakes that fill the corries to the spectacular cliff scenery along its coast. There is no better way to explore this landscape than on foot. This book helps you do just that with routes ranging from a few hour。

ArchaeoastronomyIntroduction to the Science of Stars and Stones【電子書籍】[ Giulio Magli ]

<p>This book provides the first complete, easy to read, up-to-date account of the fascinating discipline of archaeoastronomy, in which the relationship between ancient constructions and the sky is studied in order to gain a better understanding of the ideas of the architects of the past and of their religious and symbolic worlds. The book is divided into three sections, the first of which explores the past relations between astronomy and people, power, the afterworld, architecture, and landscap。

Rock Climbing Utah【電子書籍】[ Stewart M. Green ]

<p>Utah is a magnificent landscape of startling diversity and beauty, manifested for climbers in more cliff miles of exposed rock than any other state. Fragile sandstone towers pierce the sky amid endless miles of vertical cliffs sometimes more than a half mile high; wondrous canyon walls of cobblestone and limestone overhang at dizzying angles; and granite domes and slabs recline on sunny mountain slopes. </p> <p><strong><em>Rock Climbing Utah</em></strong> is the only guide available that cov。

Ross-on-Wye Through Time【電子書籍】[ Emma Cheshire-Jones ]

Ross-on-Wye sits high on a sandstone cliff overlooking a horseshoe bend in the beautiful River Wye. The birthplace of tourism, it boasts a rich tapestry of heritage and a unique landscape. Ross-on-Wye Through Time highlights the rich gems Ross has to offer. St Mary's church is its best-known landmark and can be seen from all approaches, housing notable tombs of past stalwarts of the town. John Kyrle was just one of these figures and his name was given to the local high school and an inn. In mor。

The Grand Canon of the Colorado【電子書籍】[ John Muir ]

Happy nowadays is the tourist, with earth’s wonders, new and old, spread invitingly open before him, and a host of able workers as his slaves making everything easy, padding plush about him, grading roads for him, boring tunnels, moving hills out of his way, eager, like the devil, to show him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory and foolishness, spiritualizing travel for him with lightning and steam, abolishing space and time and almost everything else. Little children and tender, pulp。

Dunbar's Southern Utah【電子書籍】[ John Treadwell Dunbar ]

<p>Long recognized as one of the most beautiful corners on planet earth, Southern Utah, with its many parks, monuments and wilderness areas, continues to mesmerize visitors from around the world who make the pilgrimage to this surreal, rocky landscape of incredible beauty. Long a resident of the Southwest and a frequent visitor to this red-rock country, J. T. Dunbar narrates his experiences and offers insights into this colorful land. Seeped in history and the sciences, and conveying the art on。

Sticks and StonesDefeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy【電子書籍】[ Emily Bazelon ]

<p><strong>NATIONAL BESTSELLER</strong></p> <p>Being a teenager has never been easy, but in recent years, with the rise of the Internet and social media, it has become exponentially more challenging. Bullying, once thought of as the province of queen bees and goons, has taken on new, complex, and insidious forms, as parents and educators know all too well.<br /> ?<br /> No writer is better poised to explore this territory than Emily Bazelon, who has established herself as a leading voice on the。