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Body and ImageExplorations in Landscape Phenomenology 2【電子書籍】[ Christopher Tilley ]

The understanding and interpretation of ancient architecture, landscapes, and art has always been viewed through an iconographic lensーa cognitive process based on traditional practices in art history. But ancient people did not ascribe their visions on canvas, rather on hills, stones, and fields. Thus, Chris Tilley argues, the iconographic approach falls short of understanding how ancient people interacted with their imagery. A kinaesthetic approach, one that uses the full body and all the sens。

DigAustralian Rock and Pop Music, 1960-85【電子書籍】[ David Nichols ]

<div>David Nichols tells the story of Australian rock and pop music from 1960 to 1985 formative years in which the nation cast off its colonial cultural shackles and took on the world.<BR><BR>Generously illustrated and scrupulously researched, <I>Dig</I> combines scholarly accuracy with populist flair. Nichols is an unfailingly witty and engaging guide, surveying the fertile and varied landscape of Australian popular music in seven broad historical chapters, interspersed with shorter chapters o。

Rock Atlas USA: The Musical Landscape of America [ David Roberts ]

ROCK ATLAS USA David Roberts CLARKSDALE BOOKS2014 Paperback English ISBN:9781905959976 洋書 Art & Entertainment(芸術&エンターテインメント) Music

Rock Art: A Vision of a Vanishing Cultural Landscape [ Jonathan Bailey ]

ROCK ART Jonathan Bailey JOHNSON BOOKS2016 Paperback English ISBN:9781555664657 洋書 Social Science(社会科学) Social Science

プレイモービル 7179 岩の景色 Playmobil Rock Landscape, Western Red

メーカー PLAYMOBIL 商品名 Playmobil Rock Landscape, Western Red パッケージサイズ 10.2cm × 23.4cm × 38.6cm 重量 498g 詳細 This item is part of the Direct Service range. This range of products are intended as accessories for or additions to existing Playmobil sets. For this reason these items come in clear plastic bags or brown cardboard boxes instead of a colorful retail box. Encourages creative play Recommended for ages 6 and up ■海外より直輸入品となりますので、外箱に小傷・破れ等がある場合がございます。 本体には影響ございませんので、予めご容赦ください。

プレイモービル 7179 岩の景色 Playmobil Rock Landscape, Western Red

メーカーPLAYMOBIL商品名Playmobil Rock Landscape, Western Redパッケージサイズ10.2cm × 23.4cm × 38.6cm重量498g詳細This item is part of the Direct Service range. This range of products are intended as accessories for or additions to existing Playmobil sets. For this reason these items come in clear plastic bags or brown cardboard boxes instead of a colorful retail box.Encourages creative playRecommended for ages 6 and up ■海外より直輸入品となりますので、外箱に小傷・破れ等がある場合がございます。 本体には影響ございませんので、予めご容赦ください。 ■携帯からの注文の際【納期目安】が表示されない場合もございます。

PLAYMOBIL? Playmobil Rock Landscape Western Red プレイモービル【送料無料】【代引不可】【あす楽不可】【05P20Aug16】【0818】

お支払はクレジットカード、銀行振込、郵便振替、もしくはコンビニ後払い(後払いは限度額が5万円まで)にて承ります。 注文後のサイズ変更・キャンセルは出来ませんので、十分なご検討の上でのご注文をお願いいたします。 ※画面の表示と実物では多少色具合が異なって見える場合もございます。 ※ご入金確認後、商品の発送まで1から3週間ほどかかります。 ※アメリカ商品の為、稀にスクラッチなどがある場合がございます。使用に問題のない程度のものは不良品とは扱いませんのでご了承下さい。

Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 5Urban Geology, Sustainable Planning and Landscape Exploitation【電子書籍】

This book is one out of 8 IAEG XII Congress volumes, and deals with the theme of urban geology. Along with a rapidly growing world population, the wave of urban growth continues, causing cities to swell and new metropolitan centers to emerge. These global trends also open new ventures for underground city development. Engineering geology plays a major role in facing the increasing issues of the urban environment, such as: finding aggregates for construction works; providing adequate water suppl。

Landscape Evolution in the United StatesAn Introduction to the Geography, Geology, and Natural History【電子書籍】[ Joseph A. DiPietro ]

<p><i>Landscape Evolution in the United States </i>is an accessible text that balances interdisciplinary theory and application within the physical geography, geology, geomorphology, and climatology of the United States. Landscape evolution refers to the changing terrain of any given area of the Earth's crust over time. Common causes of evolution (or geomorphologyーland morphing into a different size or shape over time) are glacial erosion and deposition, volcanism, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornad。

Australian LandformsUnderstanding a Low, Flat, Arid and Old Landscape【電子書籍】

Ayers Rock Uluru the largest monolith in the world, how did it get there? This book explains the wonders of the Australian landscape in the context of geology, geography, botany, zoology, ecology, environmental studies and agricultural science. Illustrated with 359 colour photos, 20 black and white photos, and 170 maps and diagrams. The authors teach and research in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (Geology and Geophysics) in the University of Adelaide.画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。

【メール便送料無料】Nighthawks / American Landscape (輸入盤CD)(ナイト・ホークス)

2009/2/3 発売輸入盤収録曲:1. Big Boy - 3:462. Down in the Hole - 3:593. She Belongs to Me - 4:464. Matchbox - 3:285. Where Do You Go - 3:176. Try It Baby - 5:357. Jana Lea - 2:478. Made Up My Mind - 3:219. Don't Turn Your Heater Down - 2:5410. Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine - 5:1411. Standing in the Way - 2:5512. Fishin' Hole Theme - 1:57In 1974, in the liner notes of their first release, the band set forth a mission statement to recreate Rock and Roll by going back to the sources and rec。

Ohio Hill CountryA Rewoven Landscape【電子書籍】[ Carolyn Platt ]

A fascinating survey of the geologic, environmental, and human history of southeastern OhioThe southeastern third of Ohio is quite different from the flat or gently rolling portions of the state, differing in landscape, geologic history, ecology, and human history. It is the deeply dissected hill country that was formed over many millions of years by sediments eroded from four ancient mountain ranges. Continuing erosion and massive runoff from great ice-age glaciers further shaped the land and 。


コチラ↓より、初回盤・特典の詳細、在庫情報・出荷状況をご確認ください。<内容>幼い頃から共にしてきた4人が目指したROCK BAND。1998年から東京・横浜を中心に本格的に活動を開始。Vo.TAATANの天性ともいえるボーカルセンス、そしてエネルギッシュかつ感動的な楽曲、ティーンズの純粋な心をストレートに表現した詞…。どれをとってもまさに今が「旬」の彼ら。要CHECHです!!<収録曲>FinalAnytime Anyway Show meKiss meTimeラプソディ<アーティスト/キャスト>LANDSCAPE(アーティスト)<商品詳細>商品番号:DAKLSB-1LANDSCAPE / WORLD WITHOUT YOUメディア:CD発売日:2002/01/07JAN:4948722092230WORLD WITHOUT YOU[CD] / LANDSCAPE2002/01/07発売

Geology and Landscape of Michigan's Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Vicinity [ William L. Blewett ]

GEOLOGY & LANDSCAPE OF MICHIGA Great Lakes Books (Paperback) William L. Blewett WAYNE STATE UNIV PR2012 Paperback English ISBN:9780814334416 洋書 Computers & Science(コンピューター&科学) Science

Landscape and Legacy: The Splendor of Nature, History, and Montana's Rocky Mountain Front [ John A. Vollertsen ]

LANDSCAPE & LEGACY John A. Vollertsen SWEETGRASS BOOKS2013 Paperback English ISBN:9781591521242 洋書 Computers & Science(コンピューター&科学) Nature

Representations and CommunicationsCreating an Archaeological Matrix of Late Prehistoric Rock Art【電子書籍】[ Asa C. Fredell ]

<SPAN STYLE= "" >In this volume, which is the outcome of the four-year long collaboration project SARA (Scandinavian and Atlantic Rock Art) between the archaeology department at University of Gothenburg and the Laboratory of Heritage of Spanish National Research Council, nine papers summarize new excavation and survey results, advanced studies of iconography and intriguing landscape studies. It addresses topics such as human activities in the vicinity and surroundings of rock-art panels, moveme。

A Walking Tour of Rock Hill, South Carolina【電子書籍】[ Doug Gelbert ]

<p>There is no better way to see America than on foot. And there is no better way to appreciate what you are looking at than with a walking tour. This walking tour of Rock Hill, South Carolina is ready to explore when you are. Each walking tour describes historical, architectural landmarks, cultural sites and ecclesiastic touchstones and provides step-by-step directions.</p><p>Every tour also includes a quick primer on identifying architectural styles seen on American streets.</p><p>It has long。

DIVA WISDOM: Find your voice; rock your world and pass it on!【電子書籍】[ Jane Kenyon ]

<p>This is a call from the heart to implore women everywhere to recognise what they need to do to step up and shine, in order to be the real role models our young girls need right now. The girl teen crisis we find ourselves in is well documented with self harming, eating disorders, STDs, rape and depression on the increase, add to this low confidence and aspirations, little emotional resilience and body hatred at an all time high and you start to get a feel for the challenging landscape. We all。

A Companion to Rock Art【電子書籍】

This unique guide provides an artistic and archaeological journey deep into human history, exploring the petroglyphic and pictographic forms of rock art produced by the earliest humans to contemporary peoples around the world.<br /> <br /> <ul> <li>Summarizes the diversity of views on ancient rock art from leading international scholars</li> <li>Includes new discoveries and research, illustrated with over 160 images (including 30 color plates) from major rock art sites around the world</li> <li。

Rock Art and the Prehistory of Atlantic EuropeSigning the Land【電子書籍】[ Mr Richard Bradley ]

Along the Atlantic seaboard, from Scotland to Spain, are numerous rock carvings made four to five thousand years ago, whose interpretation poses a major challenge to the archaeologist.<BR> In the first full-length treatment of the subject, based largely on new fieldwork, Richard Bradley argues that these carvings should be interpreted as a series of symbolic messages that are shared between monuments, artefacts and natural places in the landscape. He discusses the cultural setting of the rock c。

Wildland Fire in Ecosystems: Effects of Fire on Cultural Resources and Archaeology (Rainbow Series) Part 3 - Effects on Prehistoric Ceramics, Stone Artifacts, Rock Images, Fire Behavior and Effects【電子書籍】[ Progressive Management ]

<p>This state-of-knowledge review provides a synthesis of the effects of fire on cultural resources, which can be used by fire managers, cultural resource (CR) specialists, and archaeologists to more effectively manage wildland vegetation, fuels, and fire. The goal of the volume is twofold: (1) to provide cultural resource/archaeological professionals and policy makers with a primer on fuels, fire behavior, and fire effects to enable them to work more effectively with the fire management commun。

The Rock-Art of Eastern North AmericaCapturing Images and Insight【電子書籍】[ Daniel Arsenault ]

<div><b>Showcases the wealth of new research on sacred imagery found in 12 states and 4 Canadian provinces.</b><br> <br> <br> In archaeology, rock-artーany long-lasting marking made on a natural surfaceーis similar to material culture (pottery and tools) because it provides a record of human activity and ideology at that site. Petroglyphs, pictographs, and dendroglyphs (tree carvings) have been discovered and recorded throughout the eastern woodlands of North America on boulders, bluffs, and tree。

The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island【電子書籍】[ Dana Alison Levy ]

<b>Love the TV show <i>Modern Family</i>? Wait until you meet the family Fletcher! With two dads, four adopted brothers, two cats, and one pug, the Fletchers will have you laughing out loud!? </b><br> <b>?</b><br> <i>Welcome to Rock Island, Where Time Stands Still!</i><br> ?<br> The Fletchers are back on Rock Island, home?of all their best summer memories. But from their first day on vacation, it’s clear that this year, things have changed. Their favorite lighthouse is all boarded up‘ and the F。

Hard as the Rock ItselfPlace and Identity in the American Mining Town【電子書籍】[ David Robertson ]

<div>The first intensive analysis of sense of place in American mining towns, <i>Hard as the Rock Itself: Place and Identity in the American Mining Town</i> provides rare insight into the struggles and rewards of life in these communities. David Robertson contends that these communities - often characterized in scholarly and literary works as derelict, as sources of debasing moral influence, and as scenes of environmental decay - have a strong and enduring sense of place and have even embraced 。

Gods, Gangsters & HonourA Rock n Roll Odyssey【電子書籍】[ Steven Machat ]

Steven Machat was born into the entertainment business. His father, Marty, was one of the most successful post-war American entertainment lawyers, with a glittering array of clients from Sam Cooke and the Rolling Stones through to the boxer Sugar Ray Robinson and the stars of London's Swinging Sixties. A fateful introduction to Frank Sinatra on the top floor suite of Miami Beach's Fontainebleau Hotel in 1968 was all the encouragement that teenage Steven needed to follow his father into that all。

The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic【電子書籍】[ Jessica Hopper ]

<div>Jessica Hopper's music criticism has earned her a reputation as a firebrand, a keen observer and fearless critic not just of music but the culture around it. With this volume spanning from her punk fanzine roots to her landmark piece on R. Kelly's past, <I>The First Collection</I> leaves no doubt why <I>The New York Times</I> has called Hopper's work "influential." Not merely a selection of two decades of Hopper's most engaging, thoughtful, and humorous writing, this book documents the las。

Rock HarborPoems【電子書籍】[ Carl Phillips ]

<p><b>A masterful new collection by one of our most important contemporary lyric poets</b></p><p>Wind as a face gone red with blowing,<br>oceans whose end is broken stitchery--</p><p>swim of sea-dragon, dolphin,<br>shimmer-and-coil, invitation. . . . You Know<br>the kind of map I mean. Countries as</p><p>distant as they are believable . . .</p><p>--from "Halo"</p><p>Carl Phillips lyric explorations of longing and devotion, castigation and mercy, are unrivaled in contemporary poetry.</p><p>Here,。

Rock Art and Sacred Landscapes【電子書籍】

<p>Social and behavioral scientists study religion or spirituality in various ways and have defined and approached the subject from different perspectives. In cultural anthropology and archaeology the understanding of what constitutes religion involves beliefs, oral traditions, practices and rituals, as well as the related material culture including artifacts, landscapes, structural features and visual representations like rock art. Researchers work to understand religious thoughts and actions 。

European Landscapes of Rock-Art【電子書籍】

Rock-art - the ancient images which still scatter the rocky landscapes of Europe - is a singular kind of archaeological evidence. Fixed in place, it does not move about as artefacts as trade objects do. Enigmatic in its meaning, it uniquely offers a direct record of how prehistoric Europeans saw and envisioned their own worlds.<BR> <EM>European Landscapes of Rock-Art</EM> provides a number of case studies, covering arange of European locations including Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia, Scotland and。

8 Large Outdoor Garden Bright White 4-LED Solar Decorative Rock Stone Spot Lights Landscape Path Lamp Yard Post Cap Deck by iGlow [並行輸入品]

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Urdesigner Customized Rectangle Non-Slip Rubber Mousepad Landscape Mountains Planet Rocks Gaming Mouse Pad 9X7 Inch by URDdesigner [並行輸入品]

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Art Print Wall Stickers, Posters- Arizona, USA, Landscape, Rock Formation 24x32 inches by Big_Grin

Art Print Wall Stickers, Posters- Arizona, USA, Landscape, Rock Formation 24x32 inches

Playmobil Rock Landscape, Western Red [並行輸入品]