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Creation of the Teton Landscape / The Geologic Story of Grand Teton National Park【電子書籍】[ J. D. Love & John C. Reed ]

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’プレートporcelaine dauteuil creation jacques lobjoy scenic landscape plate dish 3 pc

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In Search of Knowledge Capital: The Shifting Economic Landscape【電子書籍】[ Jonathan Sabbatha ]

<p>In Search of Knowledge Capital is for students, managers and executives, as well as knowledge practitioners who seek insights into the concepts of learning, intellectual capital development, and knowledge management. This book explains concepts, theories, and knowledge management techniques that provide the foundation for learning, creativity, and knowledge development. The purpose of the book is to provide a thorough and informative perspective on the learning and creative practices of know。

LANDSCAPE DESIGN No.85 東京スカイツリータウンRと街づくり-Tokyo Skytree TownR andtown planning (ランドスケープ デザイン)【電子書籍】

【特集】東京スカイツリータウン®と街づくり■東京スカイツリータウン®・事業主体/東武鉄道,東武タワースカイツリー 設計・監理/日建設計・下町の魅力、墨田の魅力 話/陣内秀信(法政大学教授)・押上・業平橋駅周辺地区 公共施設修景整備 押上・業平橋駅周辺土地区画整理組合,プレイスメディア・Light up. TOKYO SKYTREE® 光は楽し。

Justice and Penal ReformRe-shaping the Penal Landscape【電子書籍】

<p>In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, Western societies entered a climate of austerity which has limited the penal expansion experienced in the US, UK and elsewhere over recent decades. These altered conditions have led to introspection and new thinking on punishment even among those on the political right who were previously champions of the punitive turn. This volume brings together a group of international leading scholars with a shared interest in using this opportunity to en。

Architecture, Astronomy and Sacred Landscape in Ancient Egypt【電子書籍】[ Giulio Magli ]

This book examines the interplay between astronomy and dynastic power in the course of ancient Egyptian history, focusing on the fundamental role of astronomy in the creation of the pyramids and the monumental temple and burial complexes. Bringing to bear the analytical tools of archaeoastronomy, a set of techniques and methods that enable modern scholars to better understand the thought, religion and science of early civilizations, Giulio Magli provides in-depth analyses of the pyramid complex。

Memory in Black and WhiteRace, Commemoration, and the Post-Bellum Landscape【電子書籍】[ Paul A. Shackel ]

As a nation we bring many perspectives to our commemorative places and our ideas may change over time, especially on difficult topics like slavery and racism. Why a place is saved and how it is interpreted to visitors has much to do with our collective memory of the events that took place there. Using the skills of an archaeologist and a historian, Paul Shackel examines four well-known Civil War-era National Park sites and shows us how public memory shaped their creation and continues to shape 。

World-Making StoriesMaidu Language and Community Renewal on a Shared California Landscape【電子書籍】

<p>Published through the <a href="">Recovering Languages and Literacies of the Americas initiative</a>, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation<br /> ?</p> <p><em>World-Making Stories</em> is a collection of Maidu creation stories that will help readers appreciate California’s rich cultural tapestry. At the beginning of the twentieth century, renowned storyteller Hanc’ibyjim (Tom Young) performed Maidu and Atsugewi stories for anthropologist Ronald B. Dixon, who。

Nature and CultureAmerican Landscape and Painting, 1825-1875, With a New Preface【電子書籍】[ Barbara Novak ]

<p>In this richly illustrated volume, featuring more than fifty black-and-white illustrations and a beautiful eight-page color insert, Barbara Novak describes how for fifty extraordinary years, American society drew from the idea of Nature its most cherished ideals. Between 1825 and 1875, all kinds of Americans--artists, writers, scientists, as well as everyday citizens--believed that God in Nature could resolve human contradictions, and that nature itself confirmed the American destiny. Using 。

Landscape, Environment and Technology in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa【電子書籍】

<p>This volume seeks to identify and examine two categories of colonial and postcolonial knowledge production about Africa. These two broad categories are "environment" and "landscape," and both are useful and problematic to explore. Discussions about African environments often concentrate on Africans as perpetrators of their own land, causing degradation from lack of knowledge and technology. "Landscape" defines the category of knowledge produced by foreigners abo。

People, Land and TimeAn Historical Introduction to the Relations Between Landscape, Culture and Environment【電子書籍】[ Brian Roberts ]

<p>This major new text provides an introduction to the interaction of culture and society with the landscape and environment. It offers a broad-based view of this theme by drawing upon the varied traditions of landscape interpretation, from the traditional cultural geography of scholars such as Carl Sauer to the 'new' cultural geography which has emerged in the 1990s. The book comprises three major, interwoven strands. First, fundamental factors such as environmental change and population press。

Digital Black & White Landscape PhotographyFine Art Techniques from Camera to Print【電子書籍】[ Gary Wagner ]

<div>Landscape photography is a popular photographic genre-and for good reason. The great outdoors is an ever-ready subject. It is variable, as well; it is affected by changing light, decomposition, weather, human interaction, and myriad other factors. Its features range from natural to manmade elements-and many landscapes are comprised of both.<br><BR>Photographers who point their camera’s lens at a scene do so in an effort to communicate their feelings about the landscape. Rather than simply 。

Landscape Painting of China and Japan【電子書籍】[ Hugo Munsterberg ]

<p><strong><em>The Landscape Painting of China and Japan</em> presents for the first time in English a full and lucid account of the remarkable art form which, as a distinct tradition in Oriental art, has come to be universally recognized as one of the greatest in the world.</strong> </p> <p>The author points out how essential it is to an understanding of the Orient when he says: "In China alone, landscape painting has religious as well as philosophical significance…and in consequence is one of。

The Dominican Racial ImaginarySurveying the Landscape of Race and Nation in Hispaniola【電子書籍】[ Milagros Ricourt ]

<p>This book begins with a simple question: why do so many Dominicans deny the African components of their DNA, culture, and history??</p> <p>?</p> <p>Seeking answers, Milagros Ricourt uncovers a complex and often contradictory Dominican racial imaginary. Observing how Dominicans have traditionally identified in opposition to their neighbors on the island of HispaniolaーHaitians of African descentーshe finds that the Dominican Republic’s social elite has long propagated a national creation myth t。

Dury and Andrews’ Map of HertfordshireSociety and landscape in the eighteenth century【電子書籍】[ Andrew Macnair ]

<SPAN STYLE= "" >This book is about the map of an English county ? Hertfordshire ? which was published in 1766 by two London mapmakers, Andrew Dury and John Andrews.<BR>For well over two centuries, from the time of Elizabeth I to the late 18th century, the county was the basic unit for mapping in Britain and the period witnessed several episodes of comprehensive map making. The map which forms the subject of this book followed on from a large number of previous maps of the county but was greatl。

Mainstreaming Landscape through the European Landscape Convention【電子書籍】

<p>The European Landscape Convention has introduced a Europe-wide concept of protection, management and planning of all landscapes ? not just the outstanding ones. This book reflects on the background to the establishment of the convention, takes a critical look at examples and experiences of its implementation, and discusses future developments for the convention and the management of landscapes in Europe.</p> <p>A decade after the creation of the European Landscape Convention, this book asks 。

Death Tourism: Disaster Sites as Recreational Landscape DEATH TOURISM (Seagull Books - Enactments) [ Brigitte Sion ]

DEATH TOURISM Seagull Books ー Enactments Brigitte Sion SEA BOATING2014 Paperback English ISBN:9780857421074 洋書 Travel(旅行) Travel

Ichnographia RusticaStephen Switzer and the designed landscape【電子書籍】[ William Alvis Brogden ]

<p>One of the most significant occurrences in the history of design was the creation of the English Landscape Garden. Accounts of its genesis…the surprising structural change from the formal to a seeming informal are numerous. But none has ever been quite convincing and none satisfactorily placed the contributions of Stephen Switzer.</p> <p>Unlike his contemporaries, Switzer - an 18th century author of books on gardening and agricultural improvement - grasped a quite new principle: that the fas。

Remaking Wormsloe PlantationThe Environmental History of a Lowcountry Landscape【電子書籍】[ Drew Swanson ]

<p>Why do we preserve certain landscapes while developing others without restraint? Drew A. Swanson’s in-depth look at Wormsloe plantation, located on the salt marshes outside of Savannah, Georgia, explores that question while revealing the broad historical forces that have shaped the lowcountry South.</p><p>Wormsloe is one of the most historic and ecologically significant stretches of the Georgia coast. It has remained in the hands of one family from 1736, when Georgia’s Trustees g。

Fire, Native Peoples, and the Natural Landscape【電子書籍】[ Thomas Vale ]

<p>For nearly two centuries, the creation myth for the United States imagined European settlers arriving on the shores of a vast, uncharted wilderness. Over the last two decades, however, a contrary vision has emerged, one which sees the country's roots not in a state of "pristine" nature but rather in a "human-modified landscape" over which native peoples exerted vast control.Fire, Native Peoples, and the Natural Landscape seeks a middle ground between those conflicting paradigms, offering a c。

Before AuschwitzIr?ne N?mirovsky and the Cultural Landscape of Inter-war France【電子書籍】[ Angela Kershaw ]

<p>This book analyses Irene N?mirovsky’s literary production in its relationship to the literary and cultural context of the inter-war period in France. It examines topics of central importance to our understanding of the literary field in France in the period, such as: the close relationship between politics and literature; the historical, political, cultural and personal legacies of the First World War; the so-called ‘crisis of the novel’ and the attempt to create and develop new narrative fo。

Thorps in a Changing Landscape【電子書籍】[ Paul Cullen ]

<p>Considering the minor settlements of England’s Danelaw-villages known as thorps or throps-this history demonstrates how place-name evidence can be used to understand early cultures. By integrating linguistic and archaeological approaches, it establishes a compelling connection between the creation of these place-names and the fundamental changes taking place in the English landscape between AD 850 and 1250. The integral role of thorps in revolutionizing agricultural practice at that time is 。

Body Landscape Journals【電子書籍】[ Margaret Somerville ]

<p>Reading Body/Landscape Journals is like falling through a faultline, as we respond to poesis, both as poetry and as thought creation. From Pine Gap Women’s Peace Camp and interactions with women across Australia, Margaret Somerville conjures up the landscape inhabited by both Indigenous and white women in the places they call home: the mountains, the desert, the tropics. A thoughtful challenge of all that we think, concluding with reflections on the architecture of love.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらく。

The 'Small Landscape' Prints in Early Modern Netherlands【電子書籍】[ Alexandra Onuf ]

<p>In 1559 and 1561, the Antwerp print publisher Hieronymus Cock issued an unprecedented series of landscape prints known today simply as the <em>Small Landscapes</em>. The forty-four prints included in the series offer views of the local countryside surrounding Antwerp in simple, unembellished compositions. At a time when vast panoramic and allegorical landscapes dominated the art market, the <em>Small Landscapes</em> represent a striking innovation. This book offers the first comprehensive an。

【CST _ 97821 Yves Creations冬景色 Winter landscape コースター set-of-4-Soft cst_97821_1】 b00jyaxrum

特徴 商品仕様冬の風景のコースターは、素晴らしいホームデコレーションになります。ソフトコースターは3.5インチx 3.5は無効になっており、吸水性、洗浄することができます。セラミックコースターは、4.25 " × 4.25 "で、非吸収性、フェルトコーナーパッドが付属しています。4枚セットおよび8を参照してください。・寸法(インチ):3.5 X 3.5 X 1 / 4 ・4 すべてのコースターで同じイメージの枚セット ・洗濯可能 イメージの発生を防ぐ色あせ、中性洗剤で水洗いしてください ・湿気を吸収 ・再生ゴム製 メーカー名 3dRose

Mariana Griswold Van RensselaerA Landscape Critic in the Gilded Age【電子書籍】[ Judith K. Major ]

<p>Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer (1851?1934) was one of the premier figures in landscape writing and design at the turn of the twentieth century, a moment when the amateur pursuit of gardening and the increasingly professionalized landscape design field were beginning to diverge. This intellectual biographyーthe first in-depth study of the versatile critic and authorーreveals Van Rensselaer’s vital role in this moment in the history of landscape architecture.</p> <p>Van Rensselaer was one of th。

【CST _ 97821 Yves Creations冬景色 Winter landscape コースター set-of-8-Soft cst_97821_2】 b00afth5ju

特徴 商品仕様冬の風景のコースターは、素晴らしいホームデコレーションになります。ソフトコースターは3.5インチx 3.5は無効になっており、吸水性、洗浄することができます。セラミックコースターは、4.25 " × 4.25 "で、非吸収性、フェルトコーナーパッドが付属しています。4枚セットおよび8を参照してください。・寸法(インチ):3.5 X 3.5 X 1 / 4 ・4 すべてのコースターで同じイメージの枚セット ・洗濯可能 イメージの発生を防ぐ色あせ、中性洗剤で水洗いしてください ・湿気を吸収 ・再生ゴム製 メーカー名 3dRose LLC

Landscape Photography【電子書籍】[ Margaret Brown ]

Filled with trusted tips and advice on how to improve your landscape photography.All too often, people venture forth to stunning parts of our world and bring home photographic memories which fall disappointingly short of the actual visual experience. In Landscape Photography Margaret Brown explains how the difference between the millions of average landscape photographs captured every year and something quite special could be as simple as choosing the best time of day, or changing the positioni。

Landscape Architecture, Fifth EditionA Manual of Environmental Planning and Design【電子書籍】[ Barry Starke ]

<h4>The most comprehensive, current guide to the theory and practice of landscape architecture</h4> <p>For more than 50 years, this pioneering guide has served as the foremost resource on the principles and practices of landscape architecture. Now, the book has been revised to address the latest developments in the field, providing a comprehensive, current presentation of the profession.</p> <p>Richly illustrated with more than 400 full-color images, <em>Landscape Architecture</em>, Fifth Editi。

Sophia GeographyExploring Spirituality, Landscape and Archetypes【電子書籍】[ Janice P Antill ]

<p>"TELL ME YOUR LANDSCAPE and I will tell you who you are."?? We are defined by our landscapes, as the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset said . Yet this book shows that it is the archetypes which are behind our landscapes , which permeate our values and inform our spirituality. These form our inner landscapes.</p><p>Dr J.P. Antill, a descendant of the Te Wai Pounamu landscape , the Greenstone South Island of New Zealand, was impelled after travels in Tibet and Northern India to undertake a p。

Cherry Falls, Landscapes Counted Cross Stitch Pattern (Pattern Only, You Provide the Floss and Fabric) by Sunrays Creations

Cherry Falls, Landscapes Counted Cross Stitch Pattern (Pattern Only, You Provide the Floss and Fabric)

Clever Creations 102023011883

古典的なクリスマスの装飾テーマ:Clever Creationsはあなたの元気を押します。クリスマスをあなたの家にこのホリデーシーズンでこのクリスマステーブルトップランタン。このクリスマスの部分はきっとあなたのホームの装飾のクリスマスな精神に持ち帰ったWOW係数を入力し、ご家庭にフレームレスキャンドル設計で頑丈、安全:この木製のランタンはクリスマスシーズンの品質の木製簡単に耐えることのできます。そのようになるでしょう。子供または大人に、自己完結型を使わないLEDライト設計は、火災ややけどの危険がありません。このクリスマス手間: N oランタンは組み立て済み、ご自宅で設定することができます。これをすぐにボックスをオンにします。挿入し、3 AAA電池(含まれていない)、またはフリップするにはスイッチを下のランタンを始めることができます。追加することが不思議な雰囲気を:このランタンを必要とし従来からの任意の装飾スタイルとぴったりのモダンなとそのの間のものです。年々、流行に左右されない、美しいデザインは、これは飾りの一部を我慢することも。



中国アートSupplies / Chinese Calligraphy Supplies /中国インクストーン: Carved Chinese Duanインクの石でシルクボックス – Landscape

中国彫刻段硯でシルクボックス – 風景石のサイズ5 " × 3 5 / 8 " × 5 / 8 "この有名な中国の段硯は中国風景デザインの彫刻。これは中国の中でも極めて高い段硯です。インクカートリッジで追加する少し水を加えてスティックを使用インクを作成するまでこの下部に、硯と墨を消しゴムで他の部分の色素を使用しことをお勧めします。*シルクボックスを含む。